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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Changing my paleo diet a bit......

My thoughts are that some people doing this "caveman" diet have it slightly off. First they put meat at the bottom, like the first pyramid I posted. I have started to think about this and I think this is wrong. Our Paleo anscestors would not have had meat every day. Could you imagine hunting with a spear and getting meat every day? Heck I have gone fishing and I only came back with one tiny trout. I do not think that they ate meat like we did.

I have done my own little research project and it seems like in ancient cultures red meat was not eaten as often, with fish being the primary animal protein. I think that along with nuts, seeds, coconut, and other foods that these should make up the main protien of a paleo diet, and not a diet high in red meat. No keep in mind I am no expert nor am I an anthropologist. I guess I am going with a gut feeling. Also for me, my reliegion states to eat meat only in times of winter and famine, so this will work better for me too. ;0) It seems like red meat was dried and saved for winter. Try doing your own research and see what you come up with. So I have made my own little paleo pyramid and this is the way I think I will be focusing my diet.

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