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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I figured I would try to post what i am eating as much as possible to give the rest of you all out there ideas of what to make for dinner. Tonight we had...

Beef Roast, simply cooked in the oven with a bit of spike seasoning sprinkled on it.
Sauteed onions, hmm not so paleo maybe, but very good with the beef.
Another baby greens salad ( I got to come up with something else)
Roasted beets ( Now these were for the kids, I have 6 and they need carbs)
For desert for me a sliced apple with Cinnamon for the kids organic apple tart, I drooled while watching them scarf it down.

That's the hardest thing for me, I have 7 other family members who are not on this diet, so I have to cook for them and me and make everyone happy. Of course there's no making my husband happy, my Coke drinking Casanova. Sometimes he loves what I make, other times he chokes down a plate as to not hurt my feelings and sneaks out later in the night for a cheese burger.

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