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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Changing my paleo diet a bit......

My thoughts are that some people doing this "caveman" diet have it slightly off. First they put meat at the bottom, like the first pyramid I posted. I have started to think about this and I think this is wrong. Our Paleo anscestors would not have had meat every day. Could you imagine hunting with a spear and getting meat every day? Heck I have gone fishing and I only came back with one tiny trout. I do not think that they ate meat like we did.

I have done my own little research project and it seems like in ancient cultures red meat was not eaten as often, with fish being the primary animal protein. I think that along with nuts, seeds, coconut, and other foods that these should make up the main protien of a paleo diet, and not a diet high in red meat. No keep in mind I am no expert nor am I an anthropologist. I guess I am going with a gut feeling. Also for me, my reliegion states to eat meat only in times of winter and famine, so this will work better for me too. ;0) It seems like red meat was dried and saved for winter. Try doing your own research and see what you come up with. So I have made my own little paleo pyramid and this is the way I think I will be focusing my diet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Paleo girl needs to plan ahead

So I wake up this morning and realize, dang, I need to go to the grocery store! Of course this busy mom has to take the kids to school and then has an appointment, so theres no shopping till lunch. Breakfast, a handful of raw almonds and a plan to be more organized with my foods.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here's some links for getting started if your interested....

Some good reads for getting started..

Paleo Desert....

I had some yummy fresh fruit and some limes that were picked from a friends tree today, so I thought heck I'll toss this together and make a fruit salad. I whisked together tbs od hone, 2 tbs of lime juice and some chopped mint leaves and tossed it with the fruit. It was pure heaven! Oh so good!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something evil this way comes...

Yup you guessed it, I got what the kids had. Uggh I feel like crawling in a dark hole, I can barely move. Something evil I tell you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sick Day...

Well 5 out of 6 kids have a pukey stommach virus of some sort, the entire family room has been designated as a sick room. The last child is starting to feel ill, and I ... oops there goes another one, that makes 6 icky sickys......

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I figured I would try to post what i am eating as much as possible to give the rest of you all out there ideas of what to make for dinner. Tonight we had...

Beef Roast, simply cooked in the oven with a bit of spike seasoning sprinkled on it.
Sauteed onions, hmm not so paleo maybe, but very good with the beef.
Another baby greens salad ( I got to come up with something else)
Roasted beets ( Now these were for the kids, I have 6 and they need carbs)
For desert for me a sliced apple with Cinnamon for the kids organic apple tart, I drooled while watching them scarf it down.

That's the hardest thing for me, I have 7 other family members who are not on this diet, so I have to cook for them and me and make everyone happy. Of course there's no making my husband happy, my Coke drinking Casanova. Sometimes he loves what I make, other times he chokes down a plate as to not hurt my feelings and sneaks out later in the night for a cheese burger.

Paleo girls eat pizza right?

Whoops, we i told you I couldn't stick to a diet. My husband, Mr.Cassonova works for a pizza joint and to my dismay brought home a yummy pizza, of course I caved, and scarfed down the piping hot, cheesy diet nightmare. I payed for it later with having my energy zapped and a tummy ache. I'm pretty sure I am allergic to wheat, well my mom is and just about the rest of my family is, i just haven't been tested.

I have realized the folly of my ways. One must make sure that you have the food you can eat stocked in your cupboards and fridge before starting a diet such as this, or you are doomed to failure. So I made a trip to my local Whole Foods Market and picked up some food. I must tell you to stop by their meat department, where I picked up some diet staples such as Mushroom Hamburger meat, maple sausage with blue berries ( know perfect Paleo Girl food!) Chorizo, and I bought somethings else, but it escapes me. I also bought a big tub of greens. I figured these would be good to toss with just about every meal. Sigh I LOVE Whole Foods!

So for breakfast today, Greens with two eggs and a piece of my blueberry sausage. Yum. Is this too good to be true?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paleo Girl Diet Basics

Well after the exploding egg incident I suppose I should go over what exactly one eats on a Paleo Girl Diet.

When our cave dwelling ancestors were curled up in caves they ate very much differently than we do today. Certainly there were no Bronte-surus burger joints like there were on my favorite kids cartoon, The Flintstones.

So what did cave girls and guys eat?

First they really ate what ever they could find in the wild. For us modern Paleo Girls and Guys that's just not going to fly. Could you imagine gathering all of your food for every single meal? For most of us that's just not feasible. Even more so for this Paleo girl who lives in the desert. I'm pretty dang sure I would stave to death trying to get all my food from the desert. I will how ever try my hand at gathering some. I hope you all will too. i think it really lends to the whole Paleo experience, LOL!

Ok so on to what can you eat on the Paleo Diet?

1. Meat. Grass feed beef,organic poultry, wild caught fish, seafood (non farmed) and even better if you know a hunter who can provide you with deer, elk, rabbit, or maybe even Mastodon meat. Ok I made that last one up. You will want to avoid all farm raised and grain fed meets.

2. Veggies. This means leafy green yummys, asparagus, you name it. You will avoid eating starch veggies like potatoes, yams etc. Aldo you will want to avoid MOST corn. Modern corn has too much starch and sugar. You can eat heirloom varieties if you can find them, blue corn would be acceptable.

3. Fruit, but very limited. Fruits were not always available to our paleo ancestors, so we will limit our fruits to no more than 1 serving a day. We will also avoid dried fruits.

4.Beans and legumes- Now most Paelo Diets will tell you not to eat these. I think this is a little off. i personally know that one of the basics in the Native American Diet is beans. The Anasazi ruins have found beans in them. So in my diet I will eat beans. I will say that eating heirloom varieties is best,I have a ton of Adzuki beans so I will use these for now. I will however avoid peanuts, as i am not sure about these. I think lentils will be ok too.

5. Seeds and nuts. I think these were definitely on the diet and I will be eating these in moderation and only in the raw versions.

The naughty list~

Grains- I think for the most part these were un-attainable and I know the cause me all sorts of problems so these will be avoided. This included, wheat, rice, oats, etc.

Milk- Now I am on the fence about this. I am pretty sure that our Paleo ancestors had some access to milk. But their milks was RAW from grass fed sheep, goats, maybe cows. So I will say NO milk products unless they are raw or cultured.

Sugars- Well these are refined so yup no nos. I would think our Paleo girls would have found a cache of honey on occasion so I would say honey is OK in moderation. Once a week, once every couple of weeks. And of course it should be RAW only.

Processed foods. Avoid all of these, ketchup, salad dressing. Unless you make these on your own and they are out of paleo stuff or fresh herbs etc. Lets just not do them. Lets eat our food in its most natural state. Of course eating raw meat is yucky and out!

Juice(pasteurized, you may have limited amounts od raw freshly juiced drinks), Coffee, Alcoholic beverages.

I think that this site is full of helpful info to. Although i not agree with the salt. Salt is fine if its the right salt. Real salt or unprocessed sea salts are great and use them liberally, especially if you have adrenal function issues. Avoid processed table salts like the kind you buy in the round cardboard container.

Note to self eggs explode in the oven....

Yup, eggs explode in the oven. Who knew? Well not me and the mess was quite fun to clean up. From now on eggs will be scrambled, poached, hard boiled, cooked any way but put directly in the oven.


Ok day one. What would a Paleo Girl eat? As I crawled out of my cave and stretched and began to look for food, what would I find? Some berries on a near by bush per haps? Yumm berries!

Well in my cave, there's no berries. Kids ate all of those last night. Yes I have 6 little cave munchkins, who eat like Mastodons. So berries are out. Hmm. Eggs. I have eggs. Now I think a Paleo Girl might eat these puppies raw, YUCK. Possibly would she toss them in her fire to eat? Yes that sounds like a plan. I'll toss these into my fire, my oven and I will have breakfast. Yumm!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What is the Paleo Girl Diet?

I have heard of eating the way our rock'n Paleo ancestors did way back in the day, and after my good friend Dawn told me how she had lost 50 pounds on it with out even exercising, I though, we huh, that works no exercise! LOL. Now I can honestly stand to loose a bit more than 50 lbs so we will see how this works. I will tell you I HATE exercise, so besides walking to dog, there won't be much of that going on. SO here is begins, the diary of a self professed lazy fat girl that can't stay on a diet.........