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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paleo and eating out....

One thing I have noticed is that I often mess up on my diet when I am eating out. Its next to impossible to find anything very good for you when you eat out. I have often messed up royally because of this. Theres only so much salad a girl can eat you know what I mean?

Since pulling the hamburger patty of a burger sounds so incredibly nasty I have been brainstorming foods I can stuff in my purse and eat while on the go. SO far I have come up with the following..

  • Beef Jerky (of the organic no MSG and nitrate variety)
  • Raw Trail mix ( get these little packets form Trader Joe's)
  • Freeze dried fruits (OK I know dried fruits are not the best, but freeze dried is the best option because it retains more nutrients)
  • Powdered Green Drink mix toss a scoop in a bottle of water(I buy this kind
  • Sliced fruits and vegies. If you plan ahead you can portion out sliced fruits and vegies in small containers and keep them in the fridge ready to go.

Coming next. Paleo Girl Fast Food! I have some cool ideas to share with you. ;0)

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